Danzón y Descarga

Toomai’s Cuban Music Educational Workshop

Dame Bururú

Here is a song from our sold-out album release concert for our album, Cuerdas CubanasEnjoy our performance, featuring Alina Roitstein!

Early Quintets Project 

Watch this video about Toomai’s Early Quintets Project. In this series of workshops and concerts, Toomai and professional composer collaborators work with young students to help them compose new works for String Quintet!

Toomai’s Interactive School Concerts

This short film highlights Toomai’s approach to interactive performances with scenes from one of our elementary school concerts as well as interviews with Andrew Roitstein and Erin Wight.  A Christian Miranda film


Toomai String Quintet performs “Estrellita,” by Manuel Ponce (arr. Heifetz/ Roitstein).  Filmed at University of Miami’s Gusman Hall, Miami, FL;  presented by Miami Civic Music Association; March 18th, 2012.


Toomai String Quintet performs James Tenney’s Quintext V: SPECTRA for Harry Partch.  Filmed at the wulf, Los Angeles, CA; April 27, 2012.

This is the final movement of Quintext; in homage to composer Harry Partch, it requires the entire quintet to play in various specified scordatura configurations of the overtone series built on the pitch “F”. The movement delves deeply into this series using a variety of layered natural harmonics, made possible by this singular scordatura system.  It’s a challenge for the performer, and creates a really extraordinary and unique resonance within the quintet.